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Where to buy Alhambra Tickets?

buy alhambra tickets

The Tickets entrances in our tours:

If you are going to reserve or you have already reserved a Alhambra guided tour, in this web site, YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY THE ENTRANCE TICKETS, because this type of guided tour goes INCLUDES: the entrance tickets and the guided tour. There is a variety of tours you can book online.

How and WhereTo get the Ticket:

taquilla entradas alhambra
  • The Alhambra tickets can be purchased on the day of the visit, at the

    ticket office of the Alhambra


    dispensers of tickets

    in the Alhambra
  • Can also be purchased in advance

    online or by phone

  • In any case only allowed the sale of ten tickets per person, except to authorized agents.
  • Due to high demand and limited number of visitors per day, is recommended to purchase them in advance


cajeros entradas alhambra
  • Ticket office direct sales of Alhambra:

    cash only.
  • icket Dispensers:

    If you want pay with credit card you must do it at the tickets machines: Check the accepts cards on the tickets machines (don't accept virtual credit card) and to get the tickets must insert your PIN code (Personal Identification Number).With this option you will be charged with 1,40€ of management fees.
  • Ln the ticket office located in the Acces Pavilion of the Monumental Complex, within the timetable indicated in timetables.
  • The ticket is valid only for one day, the purchase day of the ticket.
  • Payment in cash (Ticket Office) and credit card (at the tickets machines sevicaixa).
  • As it is direct sale and it is effective from the moment of the purchase, it is not possible to modify the date or time of the visit, nor the cancellation of the ticket.
  • Due to the huge demand and the limited number of visitors every day, we recommend you reserve your tickets in advance.

About About Nasrid Palaces Visit

Please collect your reservation, at the most, one hour before the time to visit the Nasrid Palaces and remember that if you arrive after the time shown on your ticket, you will lose your rights to visit them. This is due to the regulations for strict conservation of the heritage property.

Fuente: Patronato de la Alhambra y el Generalife